Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Next Step: Endless Paperwork!

Well, we're moving on to the part that actually requires something of us: paperwork!

We have both had physicals, TB skin tests, and fingerprints. These are just the first few steps to even get our home study under way. We're happy to be working with Catholic Family Charities out of Hays and we're ready to get our papers together for the great 'wait'.

After our home study is completed, it along with several other clearances and forms will be made into a dossier (I feel totally 'Carmen SanDiego' saying that!) The dossier is then translated by our adoption agency and sent to Ethiopia. Then comes the hardest part: waiting until someone there picks up our information and matches us with a child. Honestly the paperwork part right now gives me something to 'do'. I'll probably be less great at the unknown waiting. We'll need lots of prayers, folks! :)

Speaking of prayers there are few things you can keep in yours, if you're the praying type. We are obviously praying this process goes smoothly and that our family is made at the right time in God's way. But it's even harder for me to know that somewhere out there, a biological birth mother is having a child that she isn't able to keep. I pray every day for the woman who is or will be carrying my child, and I hope that you do too.

We really do appreciate all the support. Feel free to ask any questions you have, I would love to know what everyone wants to hear at this point! :)

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