Friday, March 20, 2015

Still Waiting....

It has been so long since my last post because reading about someone waiting is about as interesting as watching paint dry.
To bring everyone up to speed, we spent the winter waiting on paperwork finalization, letters, court dates and the sort of legal things that are not exciting but necessary. We were told in February that our "preliminary hearing" was scheduled and that from that date, OUR court date could be set and we would make our first trip. That date came and went, we were told with favorable outcome from the preliminary court hearing. We waited more. All that was left was a letter from the Ministry that handles children's affairs that gave a favorable statement to the adoption so that our travel date could be set. We are now going on week six without this letter being issued. There is quite a bit of frustration that can mount up when you have spent three years waiting on one thing after the other.
Today we got a phone call that at least the reason for the delay has been figured out... There is a letter from a regional government that needs to be issued before the Ministry can issue theirs. Apparently the Ministry requested this regional letter directly from the regional government a few weeks ago, but my in-country agency representative only learned of this today. Our agency's hope is that the letter can be procured early next week and that we can be given our travel date in the next couple weeks.

I know we've heard that a few times before so we're staying guardedly optimistic about it. This weekend I know that we will be saying extra prayers for the Regional Government officials to be ready and willing to write the letter on Monday. The rest is (and always has been) out of our hands.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. As Tom Petty famously said "The waiting is the hardest part.". Sending strong hugs to sustain you through the abyss of not-knowing.


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