Monday, June 29, 2015

Long Summer

The past month has been a rough one.
We told our agency to challenge the court, that we wanted to proceed with the challenge to work towards bringing our son home.  After about 2 weeks had gone by I began the process of harassing e-mailing the agency to find out where we were on the process. We were told that it had been so long since our original Preliminary hearing (Feb 11, if you're keeping track), that the prelim had to be REDONE. A second preliminary hearing. Originally we were told the date was set for last Friday, then received a call that it had been postponed to Monday (May 29th) because of power outages. I received a call stating that due to power outages it's postponed until power is restored, but "Hopefully this week".  Frustrating is an understatement at this point. Our agency case worker also mentioned that once this court date happens, if MOWA were to issue the letter in favor of the adoption that we should expect it to be "several months" before we would make our first trip. It's heart breaking to me that we are quickly approaching the one year mark of seeing his face. That he was 2 years and 10 months old when I first saw him, and now we will be lucky to meet him by his FOURTH birthday in September. We are struggling to deal with the feeling that our agency is not advocating for us in the way that we are asking them to- we've heard nothing of a challenge since our redo prelim was brought up. I also have no idea why the outcome to a redo prelim would be any different than the first one- ending with more waiting and no answers. It's just been a rough month, when we had hoped & dreamed that he would be home by now. It just feels like there's more questions than answers, and it's questions we don't feel like we are getting answered from the people that we have hired to advocate for us. Here's to hoping for better news in July.

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