Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time Flies....

Suffice it to say the summer flew by very quickly while we are in "hurry up and wait" mode.
September brought and end to the summer rush and a new number in our waiting family line:

we are in the "teens"!


That hit home with the realization this could all be happening sooner rather than later. The internal struggle hasn't changed at all as we wait for our monthly update- patience and excitement and wondering and waiting.

We are still waiting for our referral- to receive a picture and a biography and news that our son is waiting for us. Crazy! We are affiliated with Children of All Nations (CAN) adoption agency out of Texas. Their 'sister' agency that has in-country contact in Ethiopia is West Sands. Recently the staff from West Sands took a trip to Ethiopia and informed the families in the program that they are in need of medical supplies. Right now it's the rainy season in Ethiopia- and the constant moisture and temperature fluctuations can get the babies in the orphanage sick with respiratory issues (much like we do in the fall here in the USA). The e-mail from the West Sands staff spoke of the great care given by the nurses, but also of some "needs"- simple things like diaper rash cream, scrubs for the staff, mosquito nets for the beds- that would lessen the burden on the children and staff. As a nurse I know what it means to have every supply you need at your finger tips. I can't imagine working day to day needing simple supplies, which is why I have started gathering some of the 'needs' to be delivered by a traveling family. If anyone who is reading this would like to donate scrubs, diaper rash cream, mosquito nets or other medical supplies, just e-mail me at sillyhille @ gmail and I will be happy to point you in the direction of making a donation too.
One thing that really touches me is the possibility that my son's heart beats on this very same planet as mine right now. Waiting family number eighteen- and as we wait for our monthly update filling our days with school and work, God's hand is moving across the globe in ways we won't ever fully comprehend. It is highly likely that my son has been conceived-  I often wonder: has he been born? Is he one of the babies being rocked by the nurses who are asking for supplies to be donated? It can sometimes be frustrating to be here waiting and wondering, hoping for a monthly update that has us closer and closer to seeing his face, but when I really let myself think about the process of adoption that has led us here- and the path that will lead us home, I don't have anxiety at all about it- I feel nothing but peace and happiness.
And I think that's the way it should be.

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